Calls and Signals

Calls from the Lead Riders to be Passed Down


“Glass”, “Rubbish”, “Hole”“Sand” and “Water”

Point to hazard with finger.



“Car left”, “Bike up”, “Car up” or “Walker up”

Swing left arm back and behind the back, or right arm for on coming rider or walker.


“Slowing” or “Stopping”

Arm raised above the head or arm extended down and palm facing back.

When proceeding through a roundabout or intersection:

“Clear left” “Clear right” As appropriate.

“Car left” “Car right” If there is traffic approaching.

“Right” or “Left” (Arm extended up and in the direction of the turn.)


Calls from the Back Riders to be Passed Forward

“Car back” When car behind group is deemed hazardous.

“All on” Often called after and intersection or traffic lights to notify Leaders that all riders are on the group.

“Puncture” All of the group to stop well off the road, out of the way of traffic.

“Clear back” If the lane is clear. (Arm extended towards the new lane.)