NBCC gets behind the opening round of the MTB XC season

With the cooler weather approaching, the cross country mountain biking season is getting ready to kick off. NBC will be supporting Round 1 of the season, which is on Sunday 25th March 2018 at one of everyones favourite courses, Marrinup.

There is a grade for everyone, in what will certainly turn out to be a very exciting season opener.

Sign up to race here https://online.mtba.asn.au/ERegister.aspx?E=5365

The club needs volunteers to make sure the day goes smoothly, if you'd like to help out email Mark at mtb@northernbeachescycling.com. Any and all help is appreciated.


2018 NBC Club AGM

Northern Beaches Cycling held it's AGM over the weekend, with a new committee elected. Thank yous must go to the outgoing commmittee members, who have worked tirelessly over the year to bring members some great events like the Try Mountain Biking Day, Come Try Track Day and the 3 social nights aligned to each of the Grand Tours.

Keep your eyes on the club Facebook page for updates and events.

2018 WAMBA Calendar Release

Happy New Year! The 2018 WAMBA Calendar has been released. Now it's time to mark in the diary, the events your aiming for this year. Stay true to your new years resolution and kick start the year. Be it giving Cyclocross a crack and enjoying hand ups, or giving a cross country event a try. On that, what better chance to do exactly that, than at Round 1 of the WAMBA State XCO series, on March 25th, at the Marrinup Circuit. Proudly hosted by, yours truly, NBCC. Get on down, lend a hand, and have a crack at the single track stuff, it's smiles for miles.

If you any question regarding the up coming events, get in touch. Also, if your able to help on the 25th of March, we'd love to see your there, to help put NBCC on the map.


Mark Papadopoff

Director Mountain Biking


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Yaberoo Budjara Trail Update

Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail Update


The Yaberoo Budjara Trail is now complete from Burns Beach road in the South to Yanchep National Park in the North. The trail has been topped with limestone and rolled for most of the journey. There is a section North of Reinhold Place that has some loose rocks and is not as groomed as the rest of the trail, but still rideable with a Mountain Bike.


NBCC is currently working hard with Main Roads, Parks & Wildlife and City Of Wanneroo to have access gates installed near Hester Ave. This is likely to occur sometime in late October.

A big thanks goes out to Parks & Wildlife Service for all the hard work they have done over the past 12 Months getting the trail to this point. 


If you would like to get regular trail updates and hook up with other riders to enjoy the local trails, you can join Northern Beaches Cycling Club as a social member for $25 a year. This will give you exclusive access to our Facebook page along with other club benefits. It also shows your support for your local Cycling Club to help build facilities for Mountain Biking and Road Cycling in the Northern suburbs. 



Mark Papadopoff

Director Mountain Biking

MTB Cross Country 4 & 5 Raced Report

Race 4 Dunsborough

With valuable series points on the line a hand full of NBCC riders headed down to Dunsborough and Margaret River for the weekend double header. Race 4 held around the golf course trail in Dunsborough started with a wide open sprint into the single track, (thats right, XCO races start with a sprint, not ending with one).

Riding C grade I was totally swamped at the start and settled into the middle the pack trying to ride some tempo as we Congo lined through the single track, my line of thought was to hit the B line on the first two tricky obstacles and pass anyone getting caught up on the A lines. Of course this failed terribly and I lost several more spots on the first lap.

After regaining my composure I turned up the gas and managed to pass riders on the more open part of the track to get myself into 3rd place on the second lap. This was one of those races where my legs felt great and I was mowing down the the front runners.

As with all great plans things went pear shape on the a fast rough downhill section with my chain bouncing off and tying it self in knots.

Stopping for a minute to untangle the mess nearly the entire field of C grade buzzed past me with the odd shout of “You Ok Mate”  I’m sure I heard Richard Reeves giggle as I noticed a flash of NBCC Green fly by.

Now angry that I had lost over a minute to the field, I solved rubiks cube of chain tangles and got going again.

Attacking the back markers I made my way up to 4th spot passing several riders using the more difficult but shorter A lines on the obstacles by the 4th and last lap. With 1 rider in sight I attacked again and squeezed past the 4th place C grade rider just before the single track narrowed. Looking back I could see he wasn't happy and he powered on trying to get onto my tail. ( its important not to let another rider get too close, they use your momentum to stay on your wheel) on the switch back sections I turned it on again and managed to distance myself from the chasing rider with only the fast downhill section to go.

Unbelievably I finished 3rd, still a couple of minutes down on the leaders, but very happy with the result.

Well done to all the D grade riders form NBCC

Richard Reeves (Vice President)          3rd place

Mike Thorman                                      13th Place

James Papadopoff (JP) ( I don’t train) 19th Place


Race 5 Margaret River

With a bigger field of riders for the Monday race the pressure was on form the start, again I settled into the top 3rd of the field trying to pace myself after smashing my legs the day before. The track for the day included the new Compartment 10 trails. Smooth sweet flowing, hard pack single track. Digging deep on the switch back climbs I consolidated my position and started taking in all the trail had to offer. I love this trail!!!

2nd lap in, myself and a good mate of mine Mark Rubery were closing in on the 5th place rider until we both dropped a chain on a bumpy fast section. Stopping to swing the chain back on I managed to get myself in to 6th place and it looked like I was going to hold it with no one else in site on the last lap. Then out of nowhere Mark Rubery was visible through the trees and gaining on me fast. I knew my legs were gone and there was no way I could hold him off for another half lap of climbing. Sure enough I was passed and finished in a credible 7th position.

Its wasn't happy hunting for the others, Richard broke a chain (obviously way too much power) and scored a DNF

Mike Thorman burped one of his tubeless tyres and also scored a DNF.

However James Papadopoff (JP) ( I don’t train) finished in an impressive 20th position out of a very large 45 starters in D Grade. He also had to stop for a few minutes to sort out a cramping calf.

Well done and thanks to all the organisers, supporters and riders that made the weekend an awesome one!


Mark Papadopoff

Director MTB

Club update!

What a busy start to 2017 we've had. A new committee being voted in, Club Ride changes, New club kit offer, new socks coming, and some awesome events done, and more coming.

Firstly, I'd like to thank all the members, new, old, present and past. With out you, we have no club. We've had some great feed back from allot of people following several changes, announcements, and events that we've had so far this year. Well it just keeps getting better. We're working on ways to make the club better for all of us. New supporters being involved, new interactive website to make things easier, new club rides and routes with groups and ride captains to accommodate everyone.

Thanks to all that came along and got involved in the Giro Fundraiser night we held, I hope everyone had a great time. If you didn't hear on the night, we're having a Come Try Mtbing Day on Sunday the 11th of June. It'll be a chance for you to get out and try some Mtbing. We'll have bikes for use and guides to show you hows its done, and take you on a XCO circuit. Jump on the Facebook page for more up to date information.

Lastly, our Limited Edition Camo Kit orders close soon. Be sure to not miss out and get your order in by Wednesday 31th May. There are the new Club socks on the order form too, so if you just want socks, grab an order form and fill it out.


Richard - VP