Saturday Club Ride

The Saturday Club Ride is held, every Saturday with the regular meeting point of Dome Currambine at 0650hrs. Please note, from Nov 18th, rides will start at 0630 for the summer season. We ride a regular rotation of routes, with the lengths varying from 35 to 55kms depending on the group. With a diverse group of members and large group numbers, we form into different groups before starting. We endeavour to have a Ride Captain in each group, to help with communication within the group, and to make sure we go the right way.

NBCC Club Ride Groups

All groups, bar Group 1 are “No Drop” rides. If a member is struggling with the pace, they’re advised to drop off the group, and join the trailing group behind. We ask that this is communicated with the nominated Ride Captain for that group. If a puncture occurs during the ride, again, the whole group is to stop. We recommend new riders to join a Transition Group to get familiar with riding in a bunch and on the open roads.

Group 1 - 33km/h + Avg.

·         45-55km Ride with extended smash loop option at ride end.

·         Fast paced, rolling group.

·         You will get dropped.

Group 2 - 30-32km/h Avg.

·         45-55km Ride with extended loop option at ride end.

·         Rolling group working together.

·         No drop ride.

Group 3 – 28-30km/h Avg.

·         45-55km Ride Length.

·         Slow paused group roll, sharing work on the front. To allow conversation.

·         No Drop ride.

Group 4 – 25-28km/h Avg.

·         45-55km Ride Length.

·         Stronger riders sharing the front to assist group.

·         No Drop ride.

Transition Group (Beginners/Juniors) *Not always available. Please post your intention to ride this group so we can allocate a Ride Captain.

·         30km – 40km Ride Length

·         Beginners to road group riding, and juniors wishing to be mentored.

·         Lessons throughout ride on ride etiquette and bike positioning/ handling.

·         100% No Drop ride. No one gets left behind.


Head over to our Facebook Page to see what way we’re going this week and join in. Remember, there’s safety in numbers.